what sport is better rugby or football

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What sport is better rugby or football ladbrokes in running betting

What sport is better rugby or football

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Back playing schoolboy rugby we had a player try to do this running around in goal trying to make the conversion better. That was the last game I ever played without a mouth guard. For two games that are similar in physicality, football and rugby play in very different ways. Having always been a rugby player I found the stop start nature of football to be difficult to adjust to.

In rugby a tackled player must release the ball making it live and, within a set of complicated rucking rules, available for both teams to play at. This means that in rugby you see attacks consisting of 15 or 20 tackles or phases before the play is stopped because of an infraction or foul play. In American football a team has four attempts to make 10 yards. If they fail the ball is turned over, hence why on fourth down teams will often punt for field position. This is a concept that is similar in rugby, a game where any player can kick the ball at any time.

The theory here is that it is harder for the opposition to score coming out of their own end than it would be if they gained possession of the ball close to your own goal line. A big difference in the games is that in rugby all kicks are live balls for both teams to attack and win. Thus a game may be turned by a great kick and chase. When a punt is boomed off in football, the defending team is the one with the rights to the ball and it cannot be contested by a player rushing downfield.

The first rule is what creates the fundamental pattern in which each game is played. In rugby it is illegal to pass the ball forwards at any point. You can run it forwards, you can kick it forwards, but any pass has to be lateral or backwards. In football you can pass forwards once a play, as long as the pass is made from behind the line of scrimmage, then lateral or back as much as you like. This is why it is ironic that some of the most fun plays in American football history have come from panic based, rugby style passing at the end of the game.

In rugby, this is illegal both offensively and defensively. The only players allowed to be contacted in open play rucks are different is the player with the ball. The flip side of this is that the ball carrier cannot run behind a wall of blockers, because an offensive player cannot contact a defender in that way.

This is another rule new players in the US, usually old football players, struggle to deal with as the instinct is there to go and light up anyone not paying attention on the pitch. Rules and laws aside, the most interesting difference between the two games, in my opinion, is how they work physically. People often ask which is tougher, with the answer being that they simply both are in their own way. Rugby is great.

I love that. The hardest I have ever been hit was in an American football game. I was scraping over to make a tackle as the opposition running back turned the corner when out of nowhere I was hit by what I assume to this day was a vending machine travelling at warp speed.

If the hit had been to the head I would have had 17 concussions all at once, but instead I was granted with the inability to breathe for the rest of the day. The way football is played, the way the players line up, and the fact that in general it is a game of tunnel vision as opposed to the degree vision of rugby, means that the one-off hits in football are uncompromisingly brutal.

The flip side of that is that I have never been as all over tired and physically beaten up as after a rugby game. Football may have the bigger hits, though as rugby players continue to get on the strength and conditioning programs the difference is shrinking, but for the sheer number of hits in a game, rugby hurts in a very different way. It is worth noting too that this is spoken from the point of view of a fullback.

Players in the scrum have a far worse time of it, with everything they do during a game being highly attritional. A wide receiver may only be in contact four or five times a game, especially if he is one that only blocks when he has to, while a prop will be in countless collisions over the course of 80 minutes.

Which sport do you prefer, rugby or football? Let us know in the comments below! Steve Wright is an active rugby and former football player. He has been playing rugby for two and a half decades, both 15s and 7s, and he is involved in the administration of the game along with being a player and a coach.

His teams have been successful over the years, with his Wichita Barbarians squad being crowned D3 National Champions in There is an ongoing debate between two great sports — rugby vs football. Which is better? Rugby is a great sport. I was the fastest on the team in a team of all guys me being the only girl. It was very easy to understand and i loved to show up at practices.

Although other teams in the area didn't have enough players to actually play games against each other we had a great time playing against ourselves. If people preferred rugby then the National Football League wouldn't be a 8 billion dollar a year industry.

America loves it's football and regard less of what people may say about Rugby compared to football, the popularity speaks for itself. College Football is far and away the most watch college sport hands down. Even college ball has ridiculous amounts of money invested into it look at the University of Miami, that's all you need to know about boosters.

Look at the last ten Heisman winners. See how many of them took money or were investigated for pay for play schemes. Rugby doesn't even compare. Any questions? Hell no rugby is not a better sport than American football! That is why real football is so popular in America. Football uniforms look a lot cooler than rugby uniforms.

Rugby looks like football probably did 60 years ago. Football players are world class athletes with incredible physical strength and abilities. Too much physical contacts, leaning too much to personal strength rather than personal skills. It's just ridiculous and boring to watch, the game look so simple, no element whatsoever. In the player perspective, football may be more dangerous, but as an audience, football is far more interesting to watch over. It's just ridiculous and boring to watch, the game look so simple and scary, no element whatsoever.

Footbal has more money , more fame and is definitely more exciting, as you can hit harder and there are less rules , also who doesent know at least, about the the super bowl, the rugby world cup is miles behind it. Therefore American football is better than rugby, lol. One franchise of American football is worth 4 billion dollars. The Nfl brings in waaay more revenue then all of the rugby teams combined.

And it's only in one freaking country. You say we arnt real men because we were pads. We arnt making proper technical tackles. We are literally trying to knock each other the fuck out. So not having pads makes it unethical. One of ur rugby players plays for the 49ers. He said its way mre physical and if there were no pads there would b a death every game. Proof: Joe Theismann's Career-Ending Injury 2 Since there are many breaks in football, it allows the player to go all in for the plays.

In rugby, you must save energy so that you can play for 80 minutes. You also need to have good teamwork skills and communication skills. It is also necessary in rugby, but in rugby it is easier because the coach can just shout into the field and in football you need great concentration. I have spent over a month tying to understand rugby, but the various ways to play and the field is just plain confusing. Believe me, I'm a fast learner-the fastest one in my class.

Overall, I think that football is far greater than rugby. I believe that rugby is a good substitute for for football, but the two games are very different. I'm not sporty, but I can definitely say that Rugby is simply brutal. There seems to be no element, no real meaning to rugby. It was created by a school! Football is played all over.

The streets used to be full of children playing football. On TV. Children don't and never did play a game where you dive into someone and damage their brain on the street. There is no team element to Rugby; especially if you compare it with football and the teamwork required in football.

Rugby is bland, boring and easy to read tactics. Players are slow, low IQ's of the players is evident, and there is a massive gap between top and low-rated teams. Also, it's boring to watch. TMO's and resetting scrums has slowed the game that it's actually unbearable to watch. Limited amount of competition. B,gcfnxdrtyuioj klnjh.

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