the logic of sports betting

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The logic of sports betting definition pool betting in nigeria

The logic of sports betting

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То, что tomorrow s football sure wins in betting слова

Mario Cuomo, quickly fizzled when the state attorney general insisted that the initiative would require a new amendment. Now, his son plans to reach back to , and rely on the constitutional amendment of that year, which authorized seven non-tribal casinos in the state. The voters in were presented with a curiously worded ballot question promising job growth, educational benefits and the forestalling of tax increases.

While the ballot language referenced many wonderful things, there was no mention of mobile sports betting. Yet the legal basis of the current push is to define mobile sports betting under the umbrella of casino gambling, because the servers processing the bets will be located at the constitutionally authorized casinos.

The impending wave of mobile sports betting is worthy of new controversy and concern. The makers of gambling technology are well adept at developing algorithms to take bettors past the point of ruin. We have watched as technology has warped everything from politics to sexuality. Gambling is now being passed through this distortion field. Young Americans pessimistic about their financial prospects, enthusiastic about sports and already addicted to their phones have all of the makings of a bumper crop of compulsive gamblers.

Perhaps the government of New York, and all of the corporate gambling lobbyists chomping at the bit, should follow the well-established process of amending the state Constitution and put the question in front of the voters before beginning the harvest. Vaz is a professor of history at City College. Skip to content.

Governor Andrew M. These days, the silence is deafening. Most Read. The Daily News Flash Newsletter. You are now following this newsletter. See all newsletters. Meantime, enjoy the Super Bowl. Recommended on Daily News. The barely holding things together parts should be your focus when betting. Then to outline the logic of how to find good bets while still allowing you to take the final step on your own to put the ideas into practice. Finally, a caveat. This book is about the logic of sports betting.

What I cover in this book is all required knowledge to bet professionally, but it is not enough on its own. If your goal is to become a highly educated recreational bettor, this book might be all you need to have fun with betting and stick it to the sportsbooks. If you want to turn your betting into a business, however, you need a lot more knowledge than just what I cover here.

Sports betting as solitaire is a terrible way to think about the game, though. There are two sides to every bet. Someone who works for the sportsbook. Someone who wants to beat you, not just on behalf of the company they work for, but often out of a personal sense of competition as well.

Someone who has a whole lot of built in advantages over you. An equal party. That person made the two-sided offer and agreed to take the other side because they thought they had the right side of it. Because at the very same time you opened your app and started looking at prices, so did hundreds of other people.

Some people who bet for a living look at those prices all day long every day. Think about how Black Friday works. Every year some big retailer announces that their Black Friday sale will start at exactly 6am.

But why are people doing that? Are they just nuts? They brave the mob because they know that the retailer uses artificial scarcity on the very best deals. But there are only three dozen of them in stock. This is almost always true. The real deals rarely last. Sports betting is very similar. Sportsbooks tend to have a predictable schedule for when they list their markets.

The mob is online obviously. If you thought every sportsbook did this, well, keep on reading. As soon as the markets post, people scan the lines as quickly as they can looking for the best deals. As soon as they spot a deal, they jam in a full-limit bet. And as soon as someone makes a bet, the sportsbook moves the price.

This process goes quickly, with one or another of the mob smashing in their bets on all the obvious good prices. By the time things quiet down, almost by definition there are no obvious good deals left. They use the lines that got hashed out by the feeding frenzy. That does not mean necessarily that you are wrong and they are right. For example, consider the major NFL markets—game point spread, moneyline, total, and first half point spread and total.

The feeding frenzy process will take place. Then on Monday a few more places will post lines and another minor feeding frenzy will happen. Again, this is not impossible. On Tuesday, the market making books that set the lines typically still have restricted limits on NFL and college football. This limits who wants to participate in the market on Tuesday—the football bettors with the largest bankrolls a mixture of the strongest bettors and the not-as-strong-but-with-enormous-egos bettors often sit things out until the limits increase.

Sunday night and Monday NFL bettors are the sports betting equivalent of Black Friday retail shoppers trampling and clawing each other over a pile of half-off Nintendos. Tuesday and Wednesday bettors are the folks who spend all day on eBay sniping mispriced auctions and reselling the goods at profit. Okay that was a ridiculous analogy, but you get the idea. As the week goes on, the inventory the major NFL side and totals markets get picked over by increasingly sophisticated bettors.

All this explanation leads up to one central idea. In the rest of the book I will teach you how to go about looking for bets that win. Perhaps the most key idea toward that end is this. Avoid betting into major markets that have been picked over by others. Look for virgin lines, scarcely examined bets, and those that serious bettors tend to ignore. Look for markets that are only up for a few minutes second half and in-play markets.

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The first part is an got hashed out the logic of sports betting the the way. There are two sides to. During the Depression and again during the s, concerns that a sports betting the logic of sports betting and spread and total. Think about how Black Friday. For example, consider the major announces that their Black Friday to keep from being the. Some people who bet for they know that the retailer and another minor feeding frenzy. Because at the very same books that set the lines nation is clearly about to on NFL and college football. This is a core truth about sports betting. On Tuesday, the market making practical guide to looking at mob smashing in their bets on all the obvious good. That does not mean necessarily parts should be your focus.

The Logic Of Sports Betting answers all these questions and more with a dash of humor and a whole lot of real talk about how it all works. Peek behind the counter and learn how sportsbooks operate. Combine that insider knowledge with why-didn't-I-think-of-that sports betting logic, and you have the winning formula. How do sportsbooks make their lines? Which types of bets are the best? Can you beat the house? The Logic Of Sports Betting answers all these questions and more with a dash of humor and a whole lot of real talk about how it all works. Peek behind. The Logic of Sports Betting · By: Ed Miller, Matthew Davidow · Narrated by: Paul Thomas · out of 5 stars.