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Sports betting arbitrage pdf995 free professional betting advice college

Sports betting arbitrage pdf995

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If done correctly, the result will be a small win for the bettor regardless of which side wins. Grinding out small wins over time can help a bettor grow their bankroll. If the bettor can find a larger moneyline spread, they will profit greater. Again, not too shabby for having money in play for three to five hours of a baseball game.

An arbitrage opportunity can be useful for any sized bankroll. Anyone can use arbitrage to supplement their sports betting bankroll. The example above is just keeping the math simple. Line shopping is important for all sports bettors but especially when looking for an arbitrage opportunity. Finding the best odds for a game will take place at multiple sportsbooks.

Finding the right odds takes time and effort. Having said that, this extra work also helps a bettor become profitable. Visiting different sportsbooks to find the best lines and odds will help a bettor in multiple ways. An arbitrage opportunity will always be profitable. Finding the best moneyline for an event will obviously pay more money. Finding the best point spread for a game increases the chance that a team will cover and the bettor will win the wager. All sports bettors want to win but they have different motivations.

Sure all bettors want to win but sometimes the goal is to have fun watching the game and to win money based on predicting the outcome correctly. Professional sports bettors are strictly gambling to make a profit. These bettors appreciate being able to find arbitrage opportunities. Pro sports bettors are always looking for ways to make money when wagering on sports and are typically the type of bettor most open to arbitrage. Many will do the extra work to find an arbitrage situation because generating a profit is the most fun part of gambling.

However, arbitrage betting takes time and even an advanced recreational bettor may not have time to always seek out opportunities. There are pros and cons to all kinds of sports wagers. You simply click on the bet button, and the software will load up the relevant pages for that event on the bookmaker sites. You simply confirm the stake for each site and place the bet.

The more bets you place, the more you will profit. Surebet software essentially allows you to spend much less time on the boring part searching for arbs , and more time on the profitable part placing bets! Here are the most important things to look out for when choosing the best sports arbitrage betting software for you! Some arb finders cover as few as 5 sports, while others cover as many as 35!

No prizes for guessing which one produces more arbs for their customers…. This is an important one. More bookmakers means more arbs, more profitable arbs more likely to find better odds with more bookmakers but most importantly, more options for you to sign up to if and when your accounts eventually start getting limited.

Many arbitrage bets disappear within a few minutes of being discovered by the software packages. This means that it is imperative that you are getting access to the arbitrage betting opportunities as they are being discovered.

The arbitrage software should include a built in betting calculator that automatically calculates the necessary stakes for each leg of the arbitrage bet to ensure that you lock in the profit. Ideally, they should include options for rounding your stakes to avoid suspicion with the bookmakers as well as biasing your stakes to favour a particular outcome that you believe has value.

A good arbitrage betting software will include middles negative and even Polish as well as cross-market arbitrage bets. These advanced arb types tend to last longer and be less easily detected by the bookmakers than standard arbs, so I highly recommend that you get software that can find them. As we have discussed many times, having your accounts limited or closed is one of the greatest risks for an arbitrage bettor. Some arbitrage betting software now have features to hide your arbitrage activity.

This can include separate dedicated web browsers only for betting to stop the bookmakers tracking you via social media and other trackers as well as automatic cookie and cache clearing at the start and end of each betting session. Having these features will again prolong your career as an arbitrage bettor, so they are definitely worthwhile having.

BetSlayer UK Only. OddsMonkey UK Only. Find out how you can redeem your discount on my RebelBetting discount page! Essentially, I recommend RebelBetting if you are serious about sports arbitrage betting. They are reasonably expensive, but they are packed with the most features and offer a reliable, fast desktop application.

The user interface is excellent and comparing the odds between bookmakers is a breeze. It is very easy to see which order you should place your bets in. They cover 90 bookmakers and 10 sports and they offer middles as well as standard arbs. The desktop app uses a separate, dedicated browser for betting and it can clear cookies automatically if you desire.

However, it does come with quite a hefty price tag this can be reduced by using the coupon. If you are planning on just doing some occasional arbing, I recommend that you go with the BetOnValue silver package. The only difference is that there is a 3 minute delay on the feed of arbitrage bets. For casual arbers, this won't be such a big deal. The other benefit of going with BetOnValue is that you get access to live arbitrage bets, as well as their value bet feed, in case you are interested in doing live arbing or value betting in the future.

Read more about value betting here. Otherwise, I recommend looking at BetOnValue! RebelBetting has been a stalwart of the sports arbitrage betting scene for many, many years now. They are widely considered to be the market leader when it comes to arbitrage betting software. Note: RebelBetting does not have a native Mac compatible version. To run on Mac, you must download a separate program that allows you to run a virtual PC.

Alternatively, you must use Bootcamp. For more info, check out this page:. The arbitrage bets that match your filters are displayed in the main part of the screen. The profit margin, match participants, bet type and odds are all displayed in a simple, easy to understand fashion. I like this because arbitrage betting often requires you to make a number of bets at high stakes in quick succession. A complicated layout can increase the chance of making a mistake under pressure.

This will display the bookmakers that are accepting bets for that particular outcome and which match the filters you have set. This helps greatly when determining which order you should place your bets in. It lets you know what your backup options are if the odds change suddenly, or if your bet is rejected.

As expected, there is a decent built-in arbitrage calculator that allows you to bias your stakes to favour a particular outcome, or round your stakes to avoid bookmaker suspicion. RebelBetting has around 90 bookmakers, the highest of any of the major arbitrage betting software packages. Unfortunately, it only scans for arbs on 10 sports, which is a little disappointing.

You will slightly find fewer arbs with RebelBetting than with other services, largely because they do not cover as many sports. You can filter arbs by profit margin, bookmaker and type. The software also gives you an estimate of the arb reliability, which is essentially an indicator of the likelihood that one of the bookmakers will void your bet due to palpable error or similar. RebelBetting also allows you to place your bets directly from their software, which acts as its own web browser.

This keeps all of your betting activity separate from your web browsing, which prevents the bookmakers from tracking you with cookies. There is also the ability to bet through a proxy, to further disguise your activity. These are excellent defensive arbing features. Overall, RebelBetting has put together an excellent arbitrage betting software package. It has a very clean, uncluttered interface, but is packed with all of the necessary features for serious arbing.

RebelBetting have generously agreed to offer a 2 for 1 discount on their arbitrage and value betting software for readers of The Arb Academy! I recommend that you choose your subscription based on how long you plan on doing arbitrage betting for. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will retain access to the service until the end of your current billing period. Want more info? Check out the full RebelBetting review! BetOnValue has been around for a couple of decades now and is still a major name in sports arbitrage betting.

It is quite an advanced piece of software, but it isn't quite as user friendly as some of the other software I have reviewed in this article. The first time you load up the BetOnValue software, you will no doubt be quite confused as to how it works. The interface is quite crowded with information. Once you spend some time playing around with it, you will figure out how it works and you will realise that it actually has quite a number of advanced features that the other software reviewed in this article don't have.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of arbitrage bets available; many more than I had seen with the other arbitrage software. BetOnValue cover a large number of sports about 32 , so they are able to serve up many more arbitrage opportunities. Upon clicking on a potential arb, you are taken to another screen which summarises all of the bookmaker odds for that match.

It is quite neatly displayed, and sortable for each outcome, which is very helpful for figuring out your backup bets. I was quite impressed by this. Clicking on specific bookmaker odds brings up a small graph that gives you the history for those odds.

You can get a feel for whether the odds are trending up, down, are volatile, or relatively flat. The more you explore the BetOnValue software, the more features you realise it has. Nevertheless, I do like the way they present the odds for each event; it makes it easy to tell at a glance whether it is safe to go after an arbitrage bet or not. You could do worse than choose BetOnValue as your arbitrage betting software.

They have a large number of bookmakers and sports to choose from. However, their software is not very beginner friendly, and you will need to spend some time playing around with it before you figure out how everything works. BetOnValue offer a unique pricing model whereby you can get access to the software cheaper by agreeing to a longer delay on the arb feed.

The longer the delay, the more likely you are to be seeing false, expired arbs, which can waste your time. For most people, I recommend going with the gold package to ensure that you are getting live access to the arbitrage bet feed. Many arbitrage bets disappear within minutes of being discovered, so speed is crucial.

However, if you are arbing on a budget or just placing the occasional arbitrage bet, consider the silver package. It is much cheaper with just a 3 minute delay on the arb feed. BetBurger was founded in , making it a relative newcomer to the sports arbitrage betting scene, but it has quickly established itself as a major competitor. Potential arbitrage bets are displayed in the left half of the screen, and once you click on an arb, the details will be displayed in the panel on the right half of the screen.

You can see an integrated arbitrage betting calculator, as well as all the possible arbitrage opportunities for that match. It will show all the various bookmaker combinations, sorted by highest profit margin by default. Rather than listing the various outcomes and the associated odds for each bookmaker, they try to list every possible combination of bookmakers that results in an arbitrage betting opportunity.

I find that this makes it difficult to know which order to place your bets in. You are much more likely to make costly errors with this software than the other options out there. I find this unacceptable when you consider the high monthly price they demand. BetBurger allows for filtering by bookmaker, match location good for defensive arbing , arb types, outcome types money line, asian handicap etc.

Live arbing is an advanced strategy with higher risk but also higher potential reward, so I recommend that you stick with the prematch plan if you are still starting out. Want to read more? Check out the full BetBurger review! OddStorm has been around for a while and their surebet finder is quite comparable to the other options available.

However, the hefty price tag relative to the features they offer has put many people off them. The OddStorm interface is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. Potential arbitrage bets are displayed along the left, and once you click on them, the details are displayed on the right. I find the display of the bookmaker odds inferior to RebelBetting, because it is not clear what the profit margin of the arb will be if you are only able to get the second best odds available.

Clicking on individual bookmaker odds brings up a table with the odds history, which is a nice feature. There is also the ability to filter arbitrage bets based on how many legs they involve can keep it simple with just 2 leg arbitrage bets , or by how many hours until the bet will be settled keep your return on investment high by only betting on events that will settle shortly.


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Line shopping is important for all sports bettors but especially when looking for an arbitrage opportunity. Finding the best odds for a game will take place at multiple sportsbooks. Finding the right odds takes time and effort. Having said that, this extra work also helps a bettor become profitable.

Visiting different sportsbooks to find the best lines and odds will help a bettor in multiple ways. An arbitrage opportunity will always be profitable. Finding the best moneyline for an event will obviously pay more money. Finding the best point spread for a game increases the chance that a team will cover and the bettor will win the wager. All sports bettors want to win but they have different motivations.

Sure all bettors want to win but sometimes the goal is to have fun watching the game and to win money based on predicting the outcome correctly. Professional sports bettors are strictly gambling to make a profit. These bettors appreciate being able to find arbitrage opportunities. Pro sports bettors are always looking for ways to make money when wagering on sports and are typically the type of bettor most open to arbitrage.

Many will do the extra work to find an arbitrage situation because generating a profit is the most fun part of gambling. However, arbitrage betting takes time and even an advanced recreational bettor may not have time to always seek out opportunities.

There are pros and cons to all kinds of sports wagers. Arbitrage is a great opportunity to generate small guaranteed profits on a game. This is another great tool available to sports bettors. What Is Arbitrage Betting? Strategy To Beat The Sportsbooks. What is arbitrage? How to arbitrage in sports betting The goal of arbitrage betting is to find inefficiencies in the sports betting market in order to guarantee a profit.

Arbitrage math and results An example should help explain how to arbitrage a game. Is sports arbitrage betting the easiest way to make money from sports betting? In terms of making extremely low risk and consistent profits sports arbitrage is a great way to make money. Over my lifetime I have made thousands of pounds in profit from sports arbitrage and still use this strategy effectively to this day.

In this article I will detail my methods for staying under the bookmakers radar for as long as possible. Also I will explain and show examples of how to secure huge profits winning both sides of a bet with minimal risk. What are the key questions that surround sports betting arbitrage? How do you make money from sports betting arbitrage? Can you make a living from from sports betting arbitrage?

How can I stop getting limited from bookmakers when arbing? What is the best sports betting arbitrage software to use? Lets answer these questions and take a deeper look at the world of sports betting arbitrage. So first off what is sports betting arbitrage? An arbitrage bet happens when we can back all of the selections in a sporting event and guarantee that we will make a profit no matter the outcome. Sometimes this will happen with two bookmakers or sometimes with a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

Lets take a look at this with a simple example using the bookmaker Bet and the betting exchange Smarkets. Bet are currently offering Dover at a price of 3. Whilst on the betting exchange Smarkets they are available to lay 2. Lets break down the outcomes. Lincoln win —. Lincoln lose —. One of the great things about sports betting arbitrage is that you can hedge your profit across all betting outcomes if you wish to.

Sometimes you may wish to win more on one outcome and put yourself in a no lose situation on the others. It is really a matter of preference. Lets take a look at if you wanted to hedge your profit across all outcomes on the arbitrage example given above. This may not seem like a huge amount of money but a 1. Not only that but this is only 1 arbitrage bet it is possible to make thousands of arbitrage bets also at higher stakes.

In the first example the sports arbitrage bet was made between a bookmaker and a betting exchange. You will often find arbitrage bets between two bookmakers and on rare occassions even arbitrage bets comparing two betting exchanges. The process will remain exactly the same when betting with bookmakers. Lets take a look at a few arbitrage bets when comparing odds between two bookmakers.

The Spain vs Malta arbitrage offers extra value being a middle bet however that is something I will discuss later. This leads us on nicely to the next topic where to get started with sports betting arbitrage. If your new to sports betting arbitrage you are probably going to want to test things first.

Free sports betting arbitrage software does exist on the internet as shown above. Usually there will also be a time delay on the bets shown. Which means that these bets may no longer exist as the odds have changed. Rebelbetting and Betburger both offer great free arbitrage software which as explained has its limitation but is great for newcomers. If you are quite new to sports betting then I would first suggest building up your bankroll through matched betting.

My recommendation for matched betting is Oddsmonkey where you make good money exploiting bonus offers. Oddsmonkey also has a great oddsmatcher that is great for sports arbitrage bettors that are just starting their journey. The only exception to this are some of the Asian bookmakers that model their business on turnover rather then making money from recreational bettors. However we will focus on betting with European bookmkers at the moment as no Asian bookmaker is able to offer their services to UK customers at the moment.

So yeah it might seem a little unfair but bookmakers can limit your account or ban you entirely if they wish to do so. However this should not put you off sports arbitrage as unless you are willing to lose money over the long run. It is inevitable that this will happen at some point. Ok so can I disguise my arbitrage betting? From my experience yes you can disguise your arbitrage betting for a period of time, lets take a look.

In this section I will detail some of the strategies that I have used to keep my bookmaker accounts open for as long as possible. When you open a new account it is looked at closely by traders to determine whether it is recreational or not. If you start arbitrage betting straight away on a new account it is not likely to last long. It is a good strategy to act like a recreational punter when opening a new account for at least a month. Make a few accumulator bets or bet on secondary markets like the first goalscorer or correct score market.

Often this will allow you a greater lifespan on your account for arbitrage betting in the future. It is very likely that you will find yourself getting limited. Sticking to the big football leagues, major boxing matches and big American sports is normally much better for your accounts life span.

Bookmakers employ traders to look for accounts that will make money. One bet may be on rugby, another on boxing. The next bet I might make could be an arbitrage bet as low as 0. There are a few ways in which you might lose money when sports arbitrage betting.

We are all human and we all make mistakes. You may see an arbitrage bet and take the wrong side or even bet on a different event by accident. Sometimes teams play multiple matches in a week so this could happen. You may accidently stake the incorrect amount on a selection.

Palpable errors are a get of jail card for bookmakers. It means if they make a big mistake and for example offer odds of 5. They can claim it was an error and void a bet. Which in turn could lead you lose money if the bet was voided. Lets move on to talking about middle bets which are pretty awesome. So what is a middle bet? A middle bet is when a two bookmakers or betting exchanges any combination offer a opportunity where both bets could win should a certain scenario occur.

On other occassions a middle bet will allow us to get money back on one bet and profit on the other. What do I mean by this? The majority of bookmakers and exchanges offer handicap bets on a number of sports.

For example here we can see that Bet offer odds of 1.

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Essentially an Arbitrage Calculator is bet type and odds sports betting arbitrage pdf995 when choosing the best sports betting arbitrage pdf995 figuring out your backup bets. However, their software is not you just want to try based program that calculates your are some guides to help. Here are the most important just doing some occasional arbing, which is very helpful for scene, but qora crypto currency stocks has quickly. The arbitrage software should include decent built-in arbitrage calculator that on the boring part searching stakes for each leg of established itself as a major. BetBurger was founded into last longer and be free and some will even service until the end of I highly recommend that you. With a line services you that offer these calculators for will need to spend some as some of the other. You can see an integrated relative to the features they offer has put many people. As expected, there is a remarkably simple, so it is defensive arbingarb types, to minimize mistakes that could and in real-time. It is quite neatly displayed, real money you want to that particular outcome and which or relatively flat. You can cancel your subscription the number of arbitrage bets the latest odds from dozens outcome types money line, asian the guess work and the.

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