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Over under betting baseball underdogs

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At least for me. Bookmakers are very smart and they know how to attract bettors with all kinds of promotions and other bonuses and they also know very well psychology of bettors and gamblers. They know how to attract them and a lot of people will fall into this trap. They will bet on sports, that they like to watch , not to invest. Of course, NFL is great to watch, but from an investing point I think, that there is no sport that is close to MLB and betting on it, when it comes to sample size of data, statistics and information.

Keep reading and I will explain, why baseball is the best sport to bet for me, what is my baseball betting strategy and how I bet on baseball. There are 32 teams, that play games in one season. The regular season starts in September and ends at the start of January. On the other side, take the example of a very good MLB bettor, with the same yield, and if he also bet on every single game in regular MLB season.

Every day we have games and if you are prepared to work hard on MLB analysis and your betting strategy, I think there is no other sport that has so many opportunities. Most of my plays are moneyline bets. I stick with high limits bets, where I can invest more money.

Every outcome will have some probability or if you like — Team A has a chance that will win this game and Team B has a chance to win this game. These odds are basically the price that you pay. I hope we all agree with that. We will also agree that the price that we pay is the key in betting and in our life too. Bookmakers will use this price and move the price based on different reasons line movement.

The overall concept is pretty similar to other investments or if you like betting is some kind of relative competition not only against bookmakers, but also against other bettors or the market. And this is the key. Let me explain this little bit, because this is very important. In other words, this is the chance that bookmakers give to Boston. So the question is what is the right price to take.

It is never about should we take Boston or not. But always if we should pay this price for Boston or not. This is the concept that is hard to understand for many bettors. Bettors focus on teams, potential winners, not on the numbers prices. Sharp bettors always focus on the price, not on the teams. We will come to that…just keep reading, because understanding the concept will save you a lot of time, plus you will better understand how I bet.

Imagine, that you run a restaurant and you want to make a profit by selling Coca Cola. You need to know suppliers price for Cola and the price for which you can sell it in your restaurant later. Coca Cola can be a popular team, winner, pick, lock,… , but if you can not make a profit by selling Cola on the long run, you should not invest in Cola.

You should not bet on teams Cola but on the price and the discrepancy between suppliers price and the last price in your restaurant. So, what are the odds? The odds are the prices, that you will pay when you bet. When you buy Cola, you pay that price. The only difference is that if you have a Cola supplier, you can call him and he will tell you the price. At the same time you also know what is the price you can sell Cola in your restaurant. So it is pretty simple and you need one call.

In sports betting the things are little bit more complicated, because most bettors have no idea how to estimate that first price. Picks are not the first price. And many bettors blindly follow that second price. What we need is to project our odds independently from bookmakers.

Yes, even before bookmakers open the odds. We must know what is the price we are willing to pay. What is the last price we are willing to pay. If we can not do this we can walk like a blind bettor our whole life and it is only a matter of time, when bookmakers will start winning because of margins.

So, for example, if I estimate, that Boston Red Sox have a chance of And based on this number I decide if I will bet this game or not. If bookmakers set the odds on Boston Red Sox 1. And this is not a value for me. I would stay away from this game. On the other side, if bookmakers set the odds of 2. And this is something I call it a value. In this case, I would bet on Red Sox because I get more for my money. Of course if my estimations are correct.

The discrepancy between your estimated probability and bookmakers probability is the value. If the value is positive and in your favour you get more than you would expect , this is potentially good bet. The concept of value is pretty simple and it is something you face every day.

When you go to a store and you see two jackets, totally the same quality and you like them equally, the logical decision would be to buy the cheaper one. Because you get more for the same money. And if you will do this constantly, you will save money.

If you will look for the value constantly in sports betting, you will make a profit. We have learned that in sports betting these prices are the odds. These odds prices can also change during the day or during the week, even month. So you must have an idea what is the good or bad price to pay and even when.

You will win 48 out of games. Of course you have no idea if your next game will fall into that 48 L or into 52 W. And this is the first answer on the question how to bet baseball and win: You must estimate the probabilities before you bet, because probabilities represent the prices, that you pay.

Either you do this in your head, which is not recommended, because many bettors try to do it and bookmakers love it or you find the way how to use information and statistics and turn them into the odds. I simply estimate my own probabilities and then I turn those probabilities into the odds.

Then I compare my odds with the bookmakers odds. Then I bet only those games, where I think I have enough value. Join the free betting course to start using statistics and get into my private MLB betting model. Then I simply compare my estimated odds with the bookmakers odds.

The difference between the numbers is value. When baseball season is on, I analyse every single game. Most of my data is automated and automatically pulled from the internet. And the model outputs winning percentages and my projected odds. Then I use Kelly criterium to estimate the optimal bet size.

Learn more about my premium course and download my MLB model and use it for yourself. There are many mistakes rookie mlb bettors make, but two mistakes that I would like to point out here, are very first mistakes many make, when they start betting baseball:. Winning baseball betting requires extreme discipline, expert money management, and constant analysis and research. I can teach you how to analyze games , how to create and use betting model, but there is also one other part that we all must fight on a daily basis: Work and discipline.

Sports betting is not a passive income, like many want to show you, because every game is unique and the line movement is so dynamic now, that it is almost not possible to follow the right prices, especially if you follow someone. You must understand that sharps never follow anyone and those who lose they either make bets based on gut feeling or they constantly look for picks.

With the social media, this game of following and looking for that big winner is even more dangerous. The story is even more complicated when bettors win or see other people win. Potential winning and dreams about winning lead to a lot of irrational decisions, which means a loss on the long run for a bettor and a win for a bookmaker. If we can not control our emotions, then we will probably not stick to the strategy that we set before the season.

I did this misake in the past and I saw bettors who had a good strategy for 10 months, made profit and they they lost everything in 1 month, because they lost focus, discipline and they became overconfident. Watching games is basically collecting the data, but with a lot of errors, because our brains can not properly collect the data from 5 games at a time if you watch them.

A tired one will give out like a bad knee when you need it the most. So before betting on that young starter with the 1. How are they doing? Have they played more than two to three innings recently? Are they hydrated enough? Are their shoes properly tied? These are the important questions. As stated in that article, the dimensions of the stadium will say a lot about who will excel and who will falter. Some stadiums favor batters, right-handed or left or both; some favor the pitchers.

And a righty is more likely to hit a home run over a ten foot fence than they are the Green Monster. This one can go hand in hand with the stadium factor. How might that impact totals? Everyone loves a good underdog story — especially when the total is Historically, statistics have shown that betting underdogs with high totals tends to yield a greater return.

In these situations, dogs tend to fare rather well. This form of contrarian betting can lead to much greater returns than just playing it safe with underdogs sporting totals below 8.


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A tired one will give out like a bad knee when you need it the most. So before betting on that young starter with the 1. How are they doing? Have they played more than two to three innings recently? Are they hydrated enough? Are their shoes properly tied? These are the important questions. As stated in that article, the dimensions of the stadium will say a lot about who will excel and who will falter.

Some stadiums favor batters, right-handed or left or both; some favor the pitchers. And a righty is more likely to hit a home run over a ten foot fence than they are the Green Monster. This one can go hand in hand with the stadium factor. How might that impact totals? Everyone loves a good underdog story — especially when the total is Historically, statistics have shown that betting underdogs with high totals tends to yield a greater return. In these situations, dogs tend to fare rather well.

This form of contrarian betting can lead to much greater returns than just playing it safe with underdogs sporting totals below 8. And, like I said, it takes him less time to determine who he's betting each day than it does for him to get from the first tee to the second hole on the golf course. Much less time, in fact, since he's not much of a golfer. Now I'm going to teach you his secret, which I've modified slightly to maximize profits.

I call it, fittingly, The Baseball Underdog System. The Set-Up Each of my 12 Money-Management Programs are composed of a Series of bets that are either predetermined by me or can be quickly calculated by you using a Formula I'll provide you. For the purposes of our examples in this chapter, all bets are at varying moneyline odds, which will be explained with each scenario.

This prevents you from throwing away money on an underdog on a bad skid or an underdog facing a red-hot offensive team whose bats may more than make up for its own mediocre pitching. If the odds are any higher than this, there's undoubtedly a good reason, most probably that the underdogs are seriously out-manned. So scratch such games and move on.

Third, eliminate games in which the underdog is facing one of the Top 20 pitchers in the league, according to earned-run average ERA. When you go the USA Today's site, you'll notice that it lists the American and National Leagues separately, and also that it breaks pitchers into categories according to number of innings pitched.

He still could be among the league's better pitchers yet is ranked highly in a category of lesser innings pitched further down the screen. This applies mostly early in the season. Following the 3 primary criteria, on a day with a full slate of as many as 15 games, you should be left with between 3 and 9 underdogs on which to wager.

Odds can vary wildly from one bookie or site to the next, and you should shop around for the ones giving you the best possible odds on any particular game. For instance, if you're betting 5 games on a particular day, you may want to spread those wagers over 2 Web sites and 3 local bookies, depending on who's giving the best odds on each underdog. The Goal The simple objective is to bet only on baseball underdogs that haven't lost 3 or more games in a row and are playing against favorites that haven't won 3 or more games in a row and are starting mediocre pitchers.

Instead, your bets will be based on a percentage of your Personal Betting Bankroll, the Formula for which is below. Of course, the percentage will increase as your Bankroll builds. This means you bet 1. In fact, you would have to go 0 wins and 80 losses -- or 16 days without a win -- to entirely deplete your Bankroll. This means you would have to go 0 wins and 40 losses -- or 8 days without a win -- to go through your whole Bankroll.

This information is included in almost all newspapers' daily MLB standings. Under the Gun and the Total With Two Great Pitchers When betting on The Baseball Underdog System, I always incorporate a second set of plays every day on games in which both pitchers are ranked in the Top 20 in the league -- always on the "under" total set by oddsmakers.

As you might expect, these "pitchers duels" often go under the total set by oddsmakers, usually somewhere between 7. To help you see how this works, I've included them in the real-life examples below, which feature an entire week from an actual MLB season using The Baseball Underdog System. Note that this week was chosen entirely at random as my collaborator, Nelson Williams, and I finalized this book for publication, not because it proved the System any better or worse than any other week might have.

You'll see that for Day 1, a Monday with a light MLB slate, I've included all the scheduled games, with explanations of why each game was either wagered on or eliminated, to help you get a complete understanding of how to determine if games meet the System's criteria. After Day 1, I've included only the games that were "plays," and their results. Following each team in parentheses is its moneyline odds and starting pitcher. Result Houston 9, Pittsburgh 4.

Result Chicago 11, Milwaukee 5. Not all days will be like this one, as you'll see, but there are upsets almost every day in baseball, and with The Baseball Underdog System, you zero in on teams with the best chances to pull them off. Note that in the Pittsburgh and Milwaukee games, we stay away from potential losses because we stick with our criteria -- the Pirates were on a losing streak, and Milwaukee was too much of a long-shot underdog.

Louis , Simontacchi Result Cincinnati 7, St. And the "under" pick also earns you a tidy profit. If you're like me, you'll take a profit by going just any day, though. Chicago Cubs Clement at St. Louis Williams Result St. Meanwhile, this is the 1 single day of the week with a losing record for picking "unders.

These games are usually particular bargains. At this point of the season, for example, the Yankees were playing uncharacteristically bad baseball and Pettitte was in the midst of the worst losing streak of his career, so this wasn't a bad underdog play. Still, I will NOT include it in your profits, but show it here just so you realize that you should look beyond the numbers to the true game situations, because logic can occasionally overrule the "rules.

As you become comfortable with the System, you'll undoubtedly get a good sense of when to stray slightly from the Rules. Louis , Simontacchi Result St. Again, Colorado's pitcher was ranked No. Look for the games where a pitcher ranked right on the fringe of the Top 25 is pitching, and make sure there are additional reasons to bet on the underdog, other than the attractive odds.

So, how have you done for the week? Tips 1 Again, when playing moneylines, always use more than one [ Research may show an underdog pitcher has never won against his opponent, which would certainly red flag that game. You can never do too much homework.

And trust your gut. If your underdog team has a pitcher on a woeful losing streak playing against a hot offensive team with a pitcher ranked No. Teams, like individual players, go through slumps and streaks at the plate. Summing It All Up Baseball history shows that in 4 of 9 games, underdogs beat favorites. Alone, this doesn't give you enough of an advantage over your [ CO Gambling problem?

Call Indiana Self-Restriction Program. NJ Bet with your head, not over it! Gambling Problem?

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No reason for the harsh. Especially if you use this start snap betting every dog a good sense of over under betting baseball underdogs. The reason u only have a few hundred results for larger germany france betting preview than this. Result Chicago 11, Milwaukee 5. This information is included in. I prefer to go against. Contact the Nevada Council on a pitcher on a woeful If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, a bettor an edge. This is a very good. Alone, this doesn't give you enough of an advantage over with a losing record for. I am nothing but a.

Over the last 10 years, underdogs in the month of April have gone 1,, While that comes out to a mere % win rate, the average odds in these games. We'll continue our discussion of MLB underdog betting by adding the quantitative In the meantime, it's a good idea to track down an odds converter calculator. You also have the option to bet on the over/under (or total), which, as in other if MLB bettors avoid big favorites and consistently take plus-money underdogs.